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Hi! My name is Santoil…you can call me San!

I was raised right here in Charlotte, North Carolina…not many can say that. I attended Briarwood Elementary, Cochrane Jr. High and then graduated a proud Lion from West Charlotte Senior High in 1997!

In high school, I had short hair like many girls, wearing it with it being tapered in back. That started when I had went to a hairstylist and she mistakenly left relaxer in my hair. Days later, my hair began to fall out in the crown area in clumps! I was devastated inside but just came up with different hair styles to cover the problem for the time being. I was more concerned with playing sports and having fun at that time.  Shortly after graduation, I began wearing weaves to grow my hair and now weave is one of my best friends! LOL

I love to change my look, be creative with colors and lengths as I know many of you do also. I also love to wear weaves and wigs because it saves me time from the daily task of managing my own hair. I wear weaves because I can protect my hair underneath from heat, styling products and chemicals….in return, now my hair is a healthy, thick bra strap length!

Yes, I know and have heard the questions thousands of times…”Why do you wear weave if you have such pretty hair?” and my answer is basically what I’ve stated above….and I think I’m addicted! LOL

While wearing weave myself, I actually started to do weaves for others. I started experimenting on my sisters and then friends. After taking classes and learning more about weaving techniques, I began taking on clients because I knew I had a talent others needed. I think some of my most gratifying times have been when I was able to help a client that actually lost her hair. Giving someone options at a time like that really goes a long way.
People have asked why I didn’t get my Cosmetology license and I think it was because I had no interest in being in a busy salon, all day, on my feet. Now I know it doesnt have to be like that and I am moving towards having a private suite in the near future, but in the meantime, I prefer doing hair in a home environment, watching TV or listening to music and talking to my clients in a private setting, especially when they may have hair is they are sensitive about.

(UPDATE AS OF 2012 ; I took the plunge! I quit my full time corporate job, went to Cosmetology School full time and now am proud to say I am a LICENSED COSMETOLOGIST………the most scariest thing I have ever done but also the most rewarding!!)

In 2008, my journey focused in on a phenomenon of the celebrities coming to mainstream……LACE WIGS!!! I thought I knew weave before, but I had no idea! I instantly fell in love and ever since I have been learning all about the industry.

Through actually wearing them, I have actually developed a passion for lace wigs just like Sew-In Weaving. The concept of flawless, natural looking hair that seems to be growing right out of your scalp, without tracks, without glue, without thread and without HOURS and HOURS in the salon! This was for me! Not only had I found my passion but I had also found the niche where I wanted my personal business.

About a year ago I  began applying these flawless units for others seeing that a lot of women needed my help. In the meantime, I have spent endless hours researching every aspect of lace wigs, taking notes and tips, and practicing! Then I took my craft to the next level by graduating from Marquetta Breslin’s, Lace Wig Mastery Training Seminar in Charleston, South Carolina. This class was a very comprehensive, hands on, thorough seminar. What I did not know before, I know now! I highly recommend it if you want to learn to ventilate custom lace units for yourself. I also recommend getting the ebook

“Celebrity Hair Secrets Exposed – Lace Wig Handbook”

It’s a great read for anyone who wears Lace Wigs!

Click Here for this great Ebook!

So after much anticipation, I am proud to bring you ……



We offer quality services such as, sew-in weaves, custom quick wigs & quick weaves, lace wig applications, lace wig repair & restoration  to Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding areas. Also, we will soon introduce a line of top notch, luxurious, authentic, virgin hair…..I’m super excited about this!!

We decided to open Diva Illusions to help others after researching the needs of weave and wig wearers. I know that we spend hundreds and thousands of our hard earned money on our hair every year.

We know what its like to spend all day in a salon….

We know what its like to turn around in the chair when the stylist is finished and completely dislike your hair….

We know what its like to be in a salon full of others looking at you when you have unwanted hair issues….

We know that sending the lace wig to China for repairs can take FOREVER!

We also know that it is hard to find someone to repair a unit when it rips or tears….Restore a unit when it has lost its luster or has tangled up…..

Diva Illusions can also help when you need help with a “Monster” hairline.

So, before your throw that hard earned money into the trash, you should call on the services of Diva Illusions!
San Owens… a fellow weave and wig wearer

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