Custom Quick Wigs

Do you not have time for the salon?

Do you hate to sit under the dryer sweating for hours?

Hate the glue and itchy scalp of having quick weave?

Do you not like the bulky wigs offered at the beauty supply store?

Do you want a wig but don’t like the styles and quality of hair offered?

 If you answered YES to any of these questions….I have the perfect thing for you…

 Introducing Custom Quick Wigs!!!!


  1. You pick out and bring me your favorite hair…
  2. We measure your head for your custom fit…
  3. We discuss your desired style and you leave the hair with me….

**You are free to go run your errands, go to work, go shopping, go have a pedicure or a good nights rest…….anything you want!

  1. You come back when your hair is done!!
  2. We will braid or wrap your hair to fit neatly under your wig (if desired)
  3. Slip on and/or attach your new wig and you are finished!!! 
  • It will be a wig made with your favorite hair and styled the way you want without the hassle sitting in a chair and under a dryer wasting your time…
  • We can attach the unit using glue, tape or thread for free! (if desired)
  • Your hair will last longer because you can take it off at night for better maintenance if you’d like.
  • You can keep your hair healthy underneath, wash & condition your own hair whenever you want and slip your wig back on.


Divas, How much time could you save wearing a Custom Quick Wig??

One Response to Custom Quick Wigs

  1. Tammy Moultrie says:

    Hi San,

    I love your website, I am particulary drawn to your custom wigs! How do I order one?

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