Sew-Ins & Weaving

At Diva Illusions we specialize in quality sew-in weaving/net weaving. You being happy with your hair is our number #1 goal. We take the time to thoroughly consult with you and answer any questions you may have before the first braid is ever braided.

 We respect that you know your hair and know what works best based on past experiences, so will remain open to any suggestions you may have.

 We try our best to provide a comfortable, relaxed & always clean environment. Your appointments will always be private, personal and never rushed. We do not over book and there will be no waiting when you get here. If there are any unforeseen circumstances, we call you before your appointment. When you come for your appointment….It’s all about you!

Our sew-ins are started with a foundation of small braids. The braids are created in a design that will provided the flattest foundation for you sew-in according to the style you desire.

We then use a Weaving Net to give added protection for your real hair & added support for the weaving tracks. The net helps to ensure a long lasting sew-in as well. We provide neat stitching using professional thread which also aids in the flatness of the sew-in.

 Full Sew-In Weaves are for those of us who desire none of their real hair be left out during the weaving process. We use a special technique to provide the best closure possible.  

We also provide Partial Sew-In Weaves, in which a U shaped portion of you natural hair is left out in the crown area of your head  Then we will blend the real hair into weaving at the end. This left out hair can be parted for a more natural look.

For other sewn in services, please ask for more information by contacting us.

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  1. Rahgie Leland says:

    I would love to come in and observe. Having a one on one understanding of the weaving net installation. It would be great to hear from you soon. Thank you so much for your time.

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