What is a Lace Wig?

Some basic information on Lace Units…

What is a Full Lace Wig?

  • The entire base of the wig is thin lace and hairs are individually attached to the lace. A good quality Full Lace Wig can be worn and styled in any way that you choose, yes, even pulled up into a ponytail or braided into cornrows.  No one will be able to tell you’re wearing a wig even upon close examination if applied correctly.

What is a Front Lace Wig?

  • Lace front wigs are created with the lace from ear to ear across the front hairline. The back of the cap will have thin wefts sewn on it like a regular wig. There are many bargain lace wigs available at nearby beauty supply stores. They can be made with human or synthetic hair and can come in many varieties of textures, styles & colors.

What is a Lace Frontal?

  • A Lace Frontal is a unit of lace that fits across the front of your hairline and is intergraded into tracks in the back or your natural hair.

What is a Lace U-Part?

  • A lace U-part is a unit of lace made to be used as a closure on sew-ins. It is usually made around 2-3 inches across and 4-5 inches front to back. A lace U part can be attached using glue at the front hairline for a natural part.

Divas, What types of Lace units have you most interested in??

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  1. susan says:

    I got the one glueless lace wigs with silk top body wave 12 inch #1 size Medium from the website, I recently celebrated my 26st birthday so I paid more money than before, I used the type of hair that I never used before, but i found it was not good, so I wanted to return it,and like to try buy a new one for you. I guess your store is better than that store.tks

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